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Friday, September 2, 2016

Huddah Monroe...


Hii pamoja na kwamba ni zamani, bado nahisi uchungu mkubwa sana kama imetokea jana. Nawasihi ndugu zangu kwenye yafuatayo:-
1. tujiheshimu na kupendana wenyewe
2. tusomeshe watoto wetu
3. tujenge uchumi wetu na tujitegemee

namna pekee ya kuheshimiwa na watu hawa ni kujikomboa kutoka kwenywe umaskini, kujitambua, kuheshimiana na kupendana kwa sisi waafrika. Natamani kuwaona wanangu na hasa jamii nzima ya kiafrika ikiheshimika sana na kufikia hatua wazungu wachukue ushauri wetu!

kwa viongozi wanaong'ang'ania madaraka, wosia wangu kwao wawaamini wananchi wenzao, wakubali maamuzi ya wananchi na watoe ushirikiano. hili ni eneo lingine linalofanya tudharaulike sana!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


 MBUMBA... Hapana chezeya!

 Kuku wanavunja tenga... hatareee!

 Dada akiwa kazini.... big up sana. 
 What a pose... above and below... APENDEZA...


Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Mama Barbara Bush...

How time passes differently as you get older... "Kuzeeka"

Becoming an adult, of course, alters many of our ideas about time. We get used to its relativity - the fact that a migraine seems to last for decades, while fun with a loved one burns away like a half-inch fuse. We perceive our memories differently as we age. I've been told that last year's summer when I was five seemed long as a mission to Mars, because it was such a large proportion of my lived time at that point, while last year's summer today seems to have involved one stroll in the country and planting some strawberries. I'm pretty sure I also wasn't paying that much attention to last summer, because I was busy and summers had happened to me before.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crowe's 'whitewashing' sparks criticism from advocates

Hollywood's reliance on bankable - and often white - actors has led to another round of sharp criticism of filmmakers for "whitewashing" roles where race and ethnicity play a part.
In Aloha, Cameron Crowe's latest film, Emma Stone, a American actress with blonde hair and green eyes, was cast as Allison Ng - a junior fighter pilot who was part-Chinese, part-Hawaiian and part-Swedish.
Soon after the release, there was an uproar of criticism from social media against Crowe's casting choice. Both Asians and non-Asians asked why they didn't pick an Asian actress to play a character who is part-Asian.
One advocacy group called Aloha "a whitewashed film" that failed to portray the ethnical diversity of Hawaii. The Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) noted 60% of Hawaii's population is Asian-American Pacific Islanders and 30% Caucasian, a fact not reflected in the film.

How 1970s deodorant is still doing harm...

Fluorine is an evil gas. And it is also used to manufacture a string of other artificial gases, some of which nearly left mankind exposed to burning ultraviolet light - and are even now warming the planet.
"Fluorine is the tyrannosaurus rex of the periodic table," says chemistry professor Andrea Sella. "It will react spontaneously with every other element except for helium, neon and argon."
If you ever happen to lay eyes on pure, elemental fluorine, it looks fairly innocuous - a pale yellow gas - but in truth it is so dangerous that Sella's department at University College London does not even keep it in stock.
It produces a smell similar to chlorine, he says, "but generally, if you smell fluorine what you do is run away as fast as you can".
Sella does have a jar of another frightening material - hydrofluoric acid or HF. Its acidity - that is, the reactiveness of the hydrogen ions it contains - is not actually quite as strong as that of the better known hydrochloric or sulphuric acids.
But it is nonetheless an exceptionally vicious chemical, because the ferocious fluorine ions can penetrate deep into your body. "It's an unbelievably painful burn, and one that you cannot really treat, because it's gone inside," says Sella.
Once inside, the fluoride gobbles up the body's calcium, which can lead to heart failure in extreme cases. 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Kabaso Bailemba (in a suit and tie) said goodbye to job-hunting , selling Tomato and bachelor hood last Easter holiday after falling in love with an Italian old lady that settled in Zambia but owns more businesses in South Africa.

The couple's first traditional wedding was held in Kabaso's motherland In Kunu-Koyi Area of Lagos in Nigeria while a second wedding will be at Intercontinental Hotel -Lusaka . The couple will based in Ibex Lusaka -Zambia

Kabaso born of a Zambian father and Nigerian mother is holder of first degree from Pretoria University but could not find a job.

"I am happy, especially that my family respected my choice of woman , Love has no age, for now I am certain that , I will not sale Tomato because I can't get a job, I promised to love Gweny with all my heart" said Kabaso.

However, luck was on his side when he went round looking for employment and ended up finding love after he couldn't find a job.

In an interview , Kabaso couldn't hide his joy as his parents and relatives could not equally hide theirs.

Meanwhile , Kabaso's Mistress Gweny Tito (pictured with bukee of white flowers) looked happier than everybody around. Her Italian family and friends said Gweny had not seen any man in her life before Kabaso as she had dedicated her entire youthful life to doing business and enterprising. They are happy to see her happily in love.

"I feel young again..This is a dream come true, age is just a number ...I am going into retirement and tomorrow, we are signing papers , Mr Kabaso is taking over all my companies in South Africa and Botswana as CEO while I will remain Board Chairperson. I will respect him as my true and God given husband..Can't wait for our first child , just wished I could conceive tomorrow and have the baby the other day...We shall do everything humanly possible to have a child, it will bring so much joy to us." Said Gweny with tears of Joy...

"Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The “genius” MI5 agent who smoked out British Nazi sympathisers was a bank clerk

The identity of the MI5 spy who posed as a German agent to infiltrate the ranks of British Nazi sympathisers is revealed as Eric Roberts (pictured above), a bank clerk and father-of-three who lived with his family in Surrey.
Files released in February had disclosed the existence of the so-called “fifth column” case. At the time King was thought to be John Bingham, the MI5 officer who partly inspired John le CarrĂ©’s character George Smiley.
The latest disclosure shows that King’s true identity was Roberts, who worked at the Euston Road branch of the Westminster Bank in central London.
The file shows that Roberts’s employers were confused after receiving a letter requesting his urgent service for a special task of national importance.
In a letter dated June 11 1940, RW Jones, the bank’s assistant controller, said: “What we would like to know here is what are the particular and especial qualifications of Mr Roberts – which we have not been able to perceive – for some particular work of national military importance which would take him away from his normal military call-up in October?”